Aloe ForceĀ® provides the most effective benefits of aloe vera

If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you understand the benefits of aloe vera for its healing properties. But did you know that there are many other benefits of aloe vera? Organic Pharmacy recommends Aloe Force® as a supplement to get the full value of the aloe vera plant.

The praises of aloe vera have been sung for centuries. It grows plentifully in home gardens and landscapes in warm climates. The aloe vera plant is a succulent, and its inner flesh contains a thick, gooey substance. The open leaves are often applied to a sunburn, however, taken internally there are many more health benefits.

Among its many virtues, aloe vera is said to improve the immune system, is useful as an anti-inflammatory, and is even used for detoxing the liver. Aloe vera is water dense, and is ideal for the liver because it is rich in phytonutrients and keeps the body hydrated. Aloe vera also is great for balancing the body’s pH, helping to prevent the maladies associated with an acidic pH.

Why Aloe Force®?

Aloe vera is marketed in many forms, most of which are processed and heated. Aloe Force® is a 
raw aloe product, and no heat, alcohol or harsh solvents are ever used in the processing. This protects the nutrients and gives customers a pure product that delivers the highest benefit. In addition, no water is ever added or removed, meaning the nutrients in Aloe Force® are in the ratio that nature intended.

Aloe Force® is an organically grown, raw product that is the nearest thing to the fresh aloe plant, providing the most potent, immune-enhancing properties. Aloe Force® is an excellent addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Organic Pharmacy invites you to experience the benefits of raw, pure aloe vera in Aloe Force®, and offers free shipping to US addresses. For more information on Aloe Force® and all of our high-quality supplements, call us at 866-437-2373. 



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