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When it comes to developing strategies for total health, there are few who have as much experience doing so for their own health, or for the health of his client base, often with their feedback, then Lloyd Wright. His own struggles combating the deadly Hepatitis C virus saw him develop an 18-month diet/supplement regimen, with the help of a medical doctor, that freed him from the bonds the disease and sent him on a path to helping others around the world with Hep C and a host of other ailments.

Along the way he has discovered a number of techniques that crossed over into the realm of anti-aging because these natural, and amazingly effective, products can turn back the clock for millions whose lifestyle of stress, lousy diets, over-consumption and lack of activity have broken down their health or just put them in a state of chronic fatigue. Lloyd Wright’s knowledge of the extensive product line he markets at Alternative Medicine Solution makes him a walking encyclopedia of beneficial strategies for good health.

For example, liver damage from lifestyle choices can be alleviated by his line of Nat Cell products that are truly a wonder to behold. Lloyd comments that these are the stuff of life, indeed one of referred as the Fountain of Youth, and can reverse cirrhosis of the liver, help regenerate the liver tissues and add years of mind and body vitality back into a person’s life. He discovered the Nat Cell products, consisting of Nat Cell Thymus, Nat Cell Mesenchyme and Nat Cell Liver while fighting his own battle as the Hep C virus is constantly breaking down and attacking the liver.

Lloyd Wright Loves Juicing for Good Health as He Relates to Eddie Baiseri, KBJS Radio

But that is just a small part of the anti-aging health tips Lloyd Wright has to offer. His daily diet and supplement regimen offers instructive insight for people all over the world looking to improve their health and become younger in the body as well as spirit. A question about thousands of foods, drinks, juices, supplements, and vitamins generally brings out a litany of useful information from Lloyd Wright that should be heeded by anyone looking to improve their health.

Here is a detailed explanation of Nat Cell Products from Alternative Medicine Solution.


The most powerful group of supplements he used, Natcell Liquid Molecular Extracts, are tissue-specific growth and cell signaling factor concentrates, peptides and stem cells. These supplements are produced by Atrium Innovations, based in Quebec, Canada. Atrium has developed a patented biotechnology process to isolate and concentrate molecules in their natural, most beneficial cellular state called Natcell. This hi-tech process allows them to select desired molecules according to their size and weight and then to concentrate, bottle and flash freeze them under aseptic conditions.

Throughout this elaborate manufacturing process, the proteins are never exposed to anything but pure water. Natcell extracts are created with no heat or chemicals involved. The end-product is a natural, concentrated fresh molecular compound of the highest possible bioavailability.


The thymus is a small gland located in the upper chest which has an important role in helping newborns develop an immune response. It also shrinks as we age. According to immunologist Keith Kelly, the shrinkage of the thymus gland is “one of the cardinal bio-markers of aging.” Over the past 40 years, science has discovered that the thymus gland is the key regulator of immunity.

Thymus gland hormones can prevent bone marrow injury and the reduction in white and red blood cell production commonly resulting from X-ray exposure, chemotherapy, and the results of a compromised liver. They can also reduce autoimmune reactions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

A large body of published clinical research on humans supports the use of gland extracts, taken orally, for a broad range of conditions including hepatitis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, various allergies, and asthma conditions, and recurrent respiratory infections. Gland extracts have proven to be extremely non-toxic and free of side effects, with few contraindications for use. People with advanced liver pathology will improve by using thymus extract.

If he could afford the cost, Lloyd Wright would take Natcell frozen thymus extract for the rest of my life.


Natcell Liver Extract contains peptide growth factors that can limit and reverse fi brosis and cirrhosis, and are an important factor in the only treatment for ascites.

According to Stewart Lanson, M.D., of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Howard Benedikt, D.C., of New York City, both of whom practice clinical medicine and nutritional science, peptide growth factors are involved in the repair of both soft and hard body tissues, immunosuppression, enhancement of immune cellular function, improvement of bone marrow function in numerous disease states, treatment of many proliferative diseases, including the remission of cancer, the marked lowering of serum cholesterol [1], and for the elimination of all hepatitis viral diseases, but most especially for hepatitis B and C.

The liver regulates many vital functions in the body by means of growth factors. Inasmuch as the liver’s natural function is a part of all aspects of physical repair in the body, the peptide growth factors of the liver cells must be critical determinants of every aspect of tissue trauma or illness response.

Peptide growth factors provide an essential means for a cell to communicate with its immediate environment. They act by binding to functional receptors that transduce their signals. Peptide growth factors ensure that there is a proper local homeostatic balance between the numerous cells that comprise a tissue or organ. Since a cell must adjust to changes in its environment, the cell needs mechanisms to provide this adaptation. Tissue cells, either singularly or collectively, use sets of peptide growth factors as signaling molecules to communicate with each other and to alter their own behavior to respond appropriately to their biological context.

In an interview about his use of frozen, liquid porcine liver peptide growth factors, Dr. Howard Benedikt, a nutrition-oriented chiropractor, discussed with me the potential healing benefits of these frozen liver peptides. In summary, Dr. Benedikt offered the following information about the liver’s numerous growth factors:

Growth factors have vascular functions, in that they cause the liver to store blood, regulate blood clotting, cleanse the blood, discharge waste products into the bile and aid the immune system by filtering the blood to remove bacteria and adding certain immune factors.

They have secretory functions, in that they aid digestion by synthesizing and secreting bile and keeping hormones in balance.

They have metabolic functions, in that they help to manufacture new proteins; produce quick energy; regulate fat storage; control the production and excretion of cholesterol; store certain vitamins, minerals, and sugars; metabolize alcohol, carbohydrates, proteins and fat; and proceed with detoxifying, neutralizing, and destroying substances such as drugs, pesticides, chemicals, and pollutants. They are therapeutic when administered for fatty liver, hepatitis, fibrosis, cirrhosis, and damage to the liver as the result of exposure to internal and environmental toxins.

Dr. Benedikt suggests that for those with advanced liver pathology, the usual orthomolecular nutritional treatment protocols such as vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle, curcuminoids, dandelion, green tea, and so on are not enough. Live liver peptide growth factors do the job, especially in chronic illnesses. The more aggressive and effective treatment is Natcell Liver, which helps the patient’s liver regenerate. However, frozen liquid liver peptide lives cell extract may not be suitable for a pregnant or nursing woman or for children under twelve years of age.

About Lloyd Wright:

Lloyd Wright attended UCLA for undergraduate work and continued his formal education at Cal Lutheran University majoring in Administration of Justice.

Lloyd’s background in Natural Medicine began early in life, as his mother was “the Health Food Fanatic” of the 1950s. Lloyd’s longstanding interest in Natural Medicine was further fueled as nearly everyone in his family has had cancer and most have died from it.

Lloyd contracted Hepatitis C in 1979 from four blood transfusions and a liver biopsy in 1994 revealed Chronic Hepatitis C. After a bout with cancer and the conventional treatments Lloyd went through for his cancer therapy, Lloyd’s liver was in bad shape. The medical establishment advised Lloyd to get his papers in order and expect to live another 3 to 5 years, and hope something would come along to help.

Standing up against a legion of medical doctors who insisted Interferon was the only way, he researched the disease and proved them wrong. Through extensive research, and his studies with the highly regarded Dr. John Finnegan, ND, Lloyd created a combination of herbal and glandular remedies that cured him completely of Hepatitis C.

His successful cure coupled with the trauma he experienced while in the hands of medical doctors spurred him to write a book documenting his story and his cure, Triumph Over Hepatitis C. This book has received worldwide recognition and is helping thousands of people to heal themselves. As a Hepatitis C researcher and author



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