Bee Propolis

Price: $15.00

Quantity - 60 Vegetarian Capsules
500 mg. each capsule

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Each serving contains 500 mg of Bee Propolis 2:1 extract.
(Equivalent to 1000mg of Raw Bee Propolis)


For centuries, beekeepers assumed that bees sealed the beehive with propolis to protect the colony from the elements, such as rain and cold winter drafts. However, 20th-century research has revealed that bees not only survive but also thrive, with increased ventilation during the winter months throughout most temperate regions of the world.

Propolis is now believed to:

reinforce the structural stability of the hive;
reduce vibration;
make the hive more defensible by sealing alternate entrances;
prevent diseases and parasites from entering the hive, and to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth;
prevent putrefaction within the hive. Bees usually carry waste out of and away from the hive. However, if a small lizard or mouse, for example, finds its way into the hive and dies there, bees may be unable to carry it out through the hive entrance. In that case, they would attempt instead to seal the carcass in propolis, essentially mummifying it and making it odorless and harmless.

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