A new study published in the International Journal of Medical Research shows shark cartilage as the main attribute to hair growth. Hair loss and faster hair growth is a common concern for women and men alike. ... Now the latest craze is shark cartilage, which contains glucosamine and has been found to simulate hair tissue. For more information about Cartilade, please visit

Shark Cartilage Capsules Powder
Cartilade is made of
Blacktip shark Carcharhinus limbatus
Blue shark Prionace glauca
Maco shark Isurus oxyrinchus
Thresher shark Alopias vulpinus
White shark Carcharodon carcharias

* Each serving (6 capsules) contains 740 mg pure 100% Cartilade shark cartilage powder
* Each scoop of powder contains 4.4 g of pure 100% Cartilade shark cartilage powder

*Six Capsules Contain: 


4% Daily Value

2 g

78% Daily Value

0.78 g

40% Daily Value
0.4 g
3% Daily Value
12 mg
3% Daily Value
0.5 mg
Shark Cartilage
100 % Pure Dried Shark Cartilage
with no Additives or Fillers
740 mg

Secrets the Ingredient Industry does not want you to know!

We often see a product that is priced far less than a product we may be used to buying and buy the less expensive item instead thinking we are getting the same for less.

I have been manufacturing food supplements for over 20 years and I want to share with you some of the aspects of the ingredient industry that you may not be familiar with.

Let’s use Shark Cartilage as an example. The product can be listed as PURE with nothing added and you may see this on several brands. What you do not see and does not need to be written on the label are various differences in the COA (Certificate of Analysis)

One ingredient in Shark Cartilage is mucopolysaccharides. Often ingredient companies will remove portions of this item and sell it separately or put it in another product and sell the remaining item. One can purchase Shark Cartilage that may have 5% Mucopolysaccharides or they can purchase Shark Cartilage that has 20 to 27% Mucopolysaccharides which is the approximant amount naturally occurring in Shark Cartilage Spines.

Shark Cartilage with 5% Mucopolysaccharides will sell for less than one fifth of what Shark Cartilage will sell for with 25% BUT, the label does not change! The product label will still say PURE Shark Cartilage. This process of removing portions of certain parts of the product will occur with other parts such as calcium etc. Therefore, it would be wise to ask the provider of the product for a COA before placing one’s faith in a new less expensive product. In most cases you will find that the company will not provide the COA as they claim it as confidential information.

Mucopolysaccharides are one of the main health ingredients in Shark Cartilage. This item has many health benefits that come from its use and is one reason Shark Cartilage is such a beneficial health product for many different health issues.

Cartilade has the full natural occurring amount of Mucopolysaccharides in it and NONE has been removed. If you are paying less for a cheaper brand, perhaps it is because parts have been removed. Cheap usually means you are getting less.

 - Lloyd Wright

Cartilade is simply the best shark cartilage!

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