Happy Skin Tonic

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First Aid for Skin & Genital Infections

Each bottle of Happy Skin Tonic contains:
Cnidium monnieri 15%
Sophora falvescens 12%
Atractylode lancea 9%
Artemesia argyri 6%
Ligustici sinensis 6%
Phellodendron chinense 6%
Rubus chingii 6%
Distilled water 40%

Happy Skin Tonic is a topical formula for fungal and bacterial infections. It can be used either directly on the affected areas of the skin or as a douche for genital infections. It functions as an antipyretic and anti-itching antidote and an effective sterilizing agent. Studies show that HST is 92% effective for Gonorrhea and Condyloma acuminatum and is used in various cases of vaginal inflammation, tinea, eczema, scabies, and dermatitis.

Scientists find that diabetic and AIDS patients get fungal (yeast) infection at a rate between 4-12%, much higher than the normal person. Most of all, it's different in tinea infections. Regular nail fungus begins at the tip of the nail; however, on AIDS patients, fungus starts from the root of the nail. Diabetes patients mostly get candidiasis and/or paronychia.

Of the hundreds of hospitals that use Happy Skin Tonic (HST) in China, the most highly regarded one, Beijing XieHe Hospital conducted a clinical study that showed HST had achieved great results on various skin, nail and vaginal problems.

It is important to note that for genital infections, HST is used as a douche with a 1:10 dilution ratio. Douche once in the morning and once in the evening. The addition of Kidney Chi, an oral formula, will produce even better results for the infection.

For other skin infections, use the undiluted HST with a q-tip to apply to the affected area(s) or wash affected areas using 1:10 dilution.

Case Reports:
E.K., an 83-year-old female from PA had a large mole on her face. She used Happy Skin Tonic and three weeks later the mold had disappeared.
M. Headlee, DC from WI, had a wart on his left hand. He used Happy Skin Tonic for 3 weeks and it cleared.

J. Arkelian, LMT from FL, reports on a client who had suffered from a rash for over 8 months. She relates that “after using Happy Skin Tonic for a few days, she wrote to thank me for my advice that the rash was gone. Another happy client. Thanks to Dr. Chi and his staff.”

Robin Welch, DC from CA, has a 41-year-old female patient who had a vaginal infection. She used antibiotics but had a reaction (chest rash). After using Bathdetox and Happy Skin Tonic once, both the rash and the infection was about 90% clear. After the 2nd use, both the vaginal infection and chest rash were 100% clear. HST on 766 cases of topical infections at the Beijing Xiehe Hospital


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