Pure Synergy Organic Vita.Min.Herb Multi for Women

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120 Tablets

Vita Synergy for Women is our comprehensive, organic whole-food, daily multivitamin, and mineral formula. Unlike industrially manufactured vitamins that contain chemically synthesized, isolated nutrients, Vita Synergy provides essential vitamins and minerals in a whole-food form the body can easily recognize, assimilate and use.

A woman blossoms when she is deeply nourished on all levels of her being. Vita Synergy for Women does just that. We begin with an optimal amount of our Organically Grown Vitamins and Minerals. We then add healthy organic botanicals and flower essences with a special affinity for a woman’s unique life-cycle rhythms, along with other powerful antioxidant and restorative organic herbal concentrates. Vita Synergy for Women offers women of all ages a new level of nurturing nutritional support, feminine balance, renewed energy, and radiant health.

Benefits of Vita Synergy for Women:

Provides an organic whole-food source of foundational vitamins and minerals.
Balances women’s natural rhythms and energy—especially during times of transition
Promotes a vibrant sense of health and well-being
Supports healthy immune functions
Can be taken anytime. Because it is a whole food, Vita Synergy can even be taken on an empty stomach.
Pure Synergy has been in continual use for over 30 years and has helped tens of thousands of people just like you. It is the perfect supplement for people of all ages who desire nutrition of the highest quality in order to support and enhance their health now and into the future. It is used daily by career professionals, homemakers, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, students, seniors, and countless others. Pure Synergy also provides valuable support to people wishing to promote recovery, stabilize their health or regenerate their vitality and well being. Pure Synergy is the ideal formula for all of us experiencing a diminished sense of wellbeing, whether from the effects of stressful lifestyles, health concerns, our day to day pressures, or the less than optimal dietary habits in our lives. Mitchell created this special formula to provide deep nourishment and life energy - and it does!

Mitchell May personally narrates the story of Pure Synergy's origins and the health-enhancing principles of Energetic Nutrition. 30 minutes.
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ORGANIC WHOLE-FOOD VITAMINS AND MINERALS: The extraordinary qualities of Vita Synergy start with the proprietary and exclusive hydroponic gardening of our certified organic, whole-food vitamins and minerals – Organically Grown Nutrients ™. It takes over 130 days collectively to grow all of the organic vitamins and minerals we use in Vita Synergy – just like it does to grow your prized tomatoes and watermelons in your home gardens!
CONCENTRATED AND STANDARDIZED: We concentrate our select organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, and herbs, using slow, non-chemical and organically approved processes. Our full-spectrum organic concentrates are many times more potent than those created by other methods. In this way, Vita Synergy provides you with all the strengthening and balancing benefits of these pure and nourishing botanicals.
RESEARCHED AND ACCLAIMED: In our ongoing research for Vita Synergy, we consult experts in the fields of nutrition and in Oriental, Ayurvedic and Western natural medicine. Vita Synergy is considered by health experts the world over as the most comprehensive and pure whole-food organic vitamin and mineral supplement. Vita Synergy is formulated with perfectly balanced and safe potencies, and its whole-food cofactors ensure optimal absorption.
TESTED AND PURE: Vita Synergy’s ingredients are subjected to over 400 tests for identity and purity at third-party, FDA-registered laboratories. These tests assure that Vita Synergy contains the most natural and highest-quality ingredients. Moreover, Vita Synergy contains no fillers, lubricants, artificial preservatives, or synthetic ingredients, unlike the chemical-laden tablet coatings other companies use, our tablet coating is made from food ingredients only.
STATE-OF-THE-ARTISAN PRODUCTION: Vita Synergy is blended and bottled at our award-winning certified organic and kosher facility, where we combine the best of old-world, artisan craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and science. Our facilities are toured regularly by industry experts who marvel at the uncompromising methods we apply to every step of production.
ULTRA FRESH PACKAGING ™: Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable (research shows that plastic bottles don’t fully protect against nutrient-robbing oxygen, and they leach chemicals into food). We vacuum-seal Vita Synergy in light-resistant, recyclable glass bottles, utilizing our Ultra Fresh Packaging ™ process. The bottles are hermetically sealed with induction technology to protect all Vita Synergy’s valuable constituents.
ORGANIC AND VEGETARIAN: Vita Synergy is manufactured in our own organic and kosher facilities, which are third-party inspected and certified. A vegetarian product, Vita Synergy is made from organic whole-food sources without any additives, preservatives, fillers or synthetic ingredients.

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