Synthetic vitamins and supplements

With the ability to buy vitamins at every grocery and drug store, should you be paying close attention to the differences between whole food and synthetic vitamins? Organic Pharmacy thinks so.


One of the reasons synthetic vitamins are so popular is because they are usually more affordable. It is cheaper to produce vitamins in a lab where they are made from petroleum products versus whole food vitamins that are harvested from crops.

Are synthetic vitamins the same as natural vitamins?

Some chemists maintain that synthetic vitamins and whole food or natural vitamins are identical to one another. Newer information seems to challenge this belief. While synthetic supplements are a mix of some of the vitamin's separate factors, they are never the entire complex of synergistic factors that are found in nature. It is now thought that the unknown cofactors that are found in natural vitamins, and not found in their synthetic forms, behave as catalysts making whole food complex vitamins more effective.

Why natural?

Research has indicated that synthetic vitamins may actually result in deficiencies. A synthetic vitamin, in order to complete its effect, needs the additional cofactors found, normally, in whole food. Synthetic vitamins cannot produce the effects of a natural vitamin simply because they are missing parts of the whole complex. Science doesn't even come close to duplicating what nature has designed.

Don’t be confused by labels

Natural is a very loosely-used term. Many things are natural but obviously not ideal for human consumption. Mercury is 'natural' and is highly toxic. Food-based means it began with a food product (a carrot for example) but was synthesized in a lab. One way to tell whether a vitamin is synthetic is if you find the word potency. Potency only exists in labs, not in nature.

Instead of synthetic vitamins, give your body organic, natural supplements. Organic Pharmacy is a natural remedy alternative pharmacy dedicated to organic supplements. There are thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements on the market, but only some are actually absorbed by the body and will support your health. For more information about our organic vitamins and supplements call us today at 866-437-2373.



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