The benefits of Bathdetox to help the body heal internally and externally

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Our bodies are designed to filter out the toxic fluids and metabolic wastes that are the natural byproduct of being alive. They do this mainly through the kidneys. But when the kidneys’ function becomes impaired through a variety of causes, those toxins and wastes can build up. That buildup will inevitably lead to other conditions suffered in the body. Organic Pharmacy recommends Bathdetox, a skin dialysis bath formula to help cleanse the body of these toxins.

The kidneys perform several important functions in the body. In addition to filtering the blood and removing waste, they help the body to maintain overall fluid balance and proper pH, they help to regulate blood pressure, and produce hormones.

Bathdetox is useful in helping to restore proper kidney function to the body. Other bath additives simply contain surfactants and only cleanse the skin externally. Bathdetox is able to penetrate the skin and stimulate the internal systems. Bathdetox helps your body heal both internally and externally by:

  • Increasing urine output and reducing edema.
  • Helping clear creatinine, BUN, urine protein, etc.
  • Reducing blood pressure by being a diuretic and inhibiting angiotensin, a peptide hormone that causes vasoconstriction
  • Promoting skin metabolism and removing toxins that can cause itching and pain
  • Improving immunity and reducing fevers

Studies have shown that edema has been significantly reduced through use of Bathdetox, as well as numerous skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and fungal infections.

Bathdetox benefits the body in a variety of ways. It is a multi-function herbal bath that uses the concept of skin dialysis to cleanse the body of harmful toxin buildup. Organic Pharmacy recommends treating your body inside and out with Bathdetox. For questions about Bathdetox or any of our organic supplements, call 866-437-2373. 



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