Quantity – 180 or 360 Liquid Capsules

No animal derivatives
No artificial colors or flavors
No yeast or gluten
No harmful talc
Proprietary blend contains Protease, serrapeptase, papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase, rutin and amla.

Other ingredients: Cellulose, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, riboflavin, and chlorophyllin.

Vitalzym is natural. It contains no animal derivatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, yeast or gluten. Vitalzym is also lactose-free and contains no harmful talc. The serrapeptase is prepared in such a way that it dissolves in your intestines, not in your stomach, and it operates in an extremely wide pH range, allowing for better absorption.

ALL vitalzym is now in a liquid capsule form instead of the powder capsule. This makes for FASTER absorption and the 180 & 360 capsules are 40% more potent than the original form. Also, they are 100% vegetarian and are smaller in size which makes for easier digestion. ** More About the Enteric Coating

Initial Cleansing Phase

First Two Weeks - Cleansing Phase Suggested Dosage

Depending on your condition and state of health, begin with 1 to 3 capsules per day of Vitalzym, and gradually work up to your Activation dose.  Your aim is to reach your Activation dose over the next one to two weeks.  You and your health care practitioner will determine your Activation Phase dosage (see chart below).

Progression of Cleansing/Detoxification with Enzymes

Reported Action of Vitalzym

Bodily Reaction

May Provide These Benefits

Cleaning the colon of debris

Softer stools, more frequent bowel movements

Better digestion and absorption of nutrients

Cleaning the blood

Platelets less sticky, improves condition of WBCs*, removes fibrin

Vascular system equilibrium, improved immune function, unclogged circulation

Cleanses the liver

Clears toxins, waste and old or dead cells.  Possible headache, flu-like symptoms.

Improved liver function, revitalizes the body’s natural detox and healing capacities

Removes excess fibrin from kidneys and other organs, muscles, and tissues

Fibrin appears in urine as foamy white fibers, fibrin elimination

Improved kidney function, less pain, decreased fibromyalgia symptoms, reduced inflammation and scar tissue

Natural anti-inflammatory**

Reduces inflammation, inhibits pain-inducing amines

Less pain at injury site, increases healing capabilities

Immune modulation

Enzymes attack antibodies

Less autoimmune disease, improved immune function

Candida die-off

Kills candida yeast, brain fog and fatigue, abdominal bloating

Improved general and female health

Virus Fighting

Attacks protein coat of viruses

Stops virus replication, preventing illness

* WBCs White Blood Cells (Important fighters against infection)

**Orally administered proteases, ingested between meals, have been shown to behelpful to individuals with inflammation. There is strong evidence that orally supplemented proteolytic enzymes act to influence the levels of circulating cytokines known to be responsible for inflammatory and immune processes. It is believed that these supplemental enzymes act in at least two ways to control the activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Supplemental proteases appear to act both by directly hydrolyzing certain pro-inflammatory cytokines and perhaps indirectly by activating cytokine modulators.

What to Expect during the Initial Cleansing Phase

One of our body's most vital functions is to convert metabolic products and toxins into safe, soluble substances which can be eliminated via the urine or the gall bladder into the intestines. The liver plays an all-important role in this process - known as detoxification. If the liver has a toxic overload it is unable to effectively remove waste. Recent research has shown that this is also true for those with chronic illnesses.

An effective cleansing program targets two important organ systems -- the colon (for elimination) and the liver (for detoxification). Considering the toxic burden carried by the average American adult, increasing the body's ability to purge poisons may help you recover from the environmental assaults often leading to a compromised immune system, erosion of the delicate DNA, and changes to cellular functions. Cultures of living tissue that are kept in a fresh nutrient solution and changed daily to eliminate toxin buildup will experience slowed aging. That is why it is so important to eat well and to keep the garbage out of your diet. Anything that supports our elimination can be said to help us detoxify. Doing nothing more than drinking an extra quart of water a day will usually help us eliminate more toxins.

Cleansing can last several months. You may feel detoxification/cleansing reactions for a few days to a week or more, which is why we suggest a gradual increase during the cleansing phase until you get to your activation dose. Some of the reactions can include headache, flu-like symptoms, nausea, increased bowel movements or constipation, skin rashes, and urine odor with possible color changes. Vitalzym continues to cleanse your body for several months, through both the Activation and Maintenance phases.

A cleansing diet can be very beneficial. Cleansing foods will create less congestion and promote elimination. This includes cooked whole grains, steamed vegetables, vegetable salads, fruit, and juices (preferably freshly made). This is also a good time to avoid sugar and products made with refined flours (white or processed). In addition to any cleansing program, diet and exercise should be emphasized in order to ensure optimal results. And remember, drink lots of pure, filtered water - at least 8 glasses a day!

Fights Inflammation:
Inflammation is the cause of pain associated with many different conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries; including muscle sprains, sciatica, and chronic back pain. Systemic enzymes are a healthy alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Help reduce joint and muscle inflammation
Acts as a natural pain reliever
Helps reduce C-Reactive proteins, a marker for inflammation
May lower inflammation by removing toxins and debris in the circulatory system
May reduce the inflammation associated with Sjogren's syndrome

Fights Fibrosis:
Fibrosis is a type of scar tissue formation containing fibrin (a type of protein) that can form masses or webs throughout the tissues, muscles, and organs. Excess fibrous tissue is marked by the body as “foreign proteins”. When there is a build up of excess fibrin, systemic enzymes like those in Vitalzym can help reduce these so-called “foreign” proteins, which may help:

Fight the aging process by removing the buildup of fibrin
Reduce Fibromyalgia symptoms by reduction and removal of fibrin buildup
Reduce Endometriosis by removal of fibrin buildup
Reduce Uterine Fibroid Tumors by removal of fibrin buildup
Reduce Pulmonary Fibrosis by removal of fibrin buildup
Reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pain
Reduce thickening of the blood (fibrin deposits), increasing circulation
Unclog the microcirculation system, increasing circulation
Reduce spider veins and wrinkles
Reduce the formation of scar tissue
Increase penile functionality
Reduce post-operative scar tissue, increases healing capabilities

Immune System Modulation:
When the immune system is run down too low, Vitalzym can help increase the immune response, produce more Natural Killer cells, and improve the efficiency of the white blood cells, all leading to improved immunity. They can also help:
Speed healing
Balance the entire body synergy
Increase the body’s defense mechanism by modulating our immune system
Prevent the rejection of transplanted and health-restoring organs and tissues
Modulate the cell-signaling pathway that triggers immune activation
Fights Blood Contamination:

Blood can become contaminated with toxins when the liver is overburdened and its capacity to cleanse the blood becomes diminished as a result. Another way contamination can occur is when excess fibrin builds up in the blood causing it to become too thick. This creates the perfect environment for blood clots to form. When systemic enzymes are taken, they can stand ready in the blood and take the strain off of the liver by helping to:
Clear excess fibrin from the blood and reducing the stickiness of blood cells, which in turn helps minimize one of the leading causes of stroke, heart attack, and blood clots.
Break down dead material small enough so it can immediately pass into the bowel.
Maintain a normal blood flow by helping to prevent blood clots and platelet aggregations within blood vessels
Assist in the liver’s detoxification process
Improve functionality of white blood cell receptors and their ability to fight off infection.
Reduce clogging of the microcirculatory system
Improve homeostasis

Fights Viruses:
Viruses have an exterior protein coating that is used to bond itself to the DNA in our cells so they can replicate and possibly cause harm. Systemic enzymes can disrupt this outer protein wall and render viruses inert by inhibiting replication.

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