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B Healthy Vitamine B Complex Supplement 100% Coenzyme "Activated"
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Hi-Potency B Complex with Powerful Coenzymes

45% of the population has a genetic defect that hinders the body's ability to effectively metabolize Folic Acid unless it is in its Coenzyme form?

Therapeutic dosages of the activated forms of key B Vitamins: Coenzyme B2 (R5P), B6 (P5P) and Folic Acid (L-5 Methyl Tetrahydrofolate) shown to:

• Improve overall Energy*
• Help Stress-Related Fatigue*







Dr. Stengler at Emerald Laboritories has created a "clinical potency" B Complex Formula that contains only 100% Coenzyme "Activated" forms of: B2 (R-5-P), B6 (P-5-P) & Folic Acid (L-5 Methyl Tetrahydrofolate).

Stengler has included only the activated form of folic acid in this formula.

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