Lloyd's V.E.P. 2

Lloyd's Viral Eradication Package + Blueberry Extract

Viral Eradicator Package II plus Blueberry Extract
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This is a one month supply of viral eradication essentials as recommended by Hepatitis C survivor Lloyd Wright.  This is the V.E.P. Package plus Blueberry Extract.

Quantity Product Recommended Dosage
1 Liver Formula II, 120 caps. 3 caps before breakfast
1 Laktoferrin, 300 mg, 60 capsules 3 caps before bed
1 Naringenin, 120 caps., 500 mg. 2 caps with each meal; Note: Do not use if you are taking prescription medication and/or over the counter medication.
1 Blueberry Extract, 120 caps 2 caps twice a day
1 Oxymatrine, 100 caps., 300 mg. 1 cap with a meal up to three times per day

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If you would like Lactoferrin Apolactoferrin (which has the iron removed)
instead of the Lactoferrin listed above you may choose it with the check box below.


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