Reserveage Resveratrol Chews Bordeaux Berry


Boost your age-defying defenses as part of your age-fighting program; provide your cells with additional protection by supplementing your diet with Resveratrol Soft Chews. The antioxidant activity of polyphenols from Resveratrol help protect cells from oxidative and environmental stress.Contains trans-Resveratrol from wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed, standardized to 95% source with Resveratrol from organic French and Muscadine grapes flavored with fruit juice.Offers support against cellular agingProtects the body from the effects of oxidative stressMay help activate the SIRT1 ‘Longevity Gene’Count: 30 PiecesServing Size: 1 Soft ChewServings Per Container: 30Key Ingredients: Trans-Resveratrol, Pro-Longevity Factors® Blend, Aça

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